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‘Probate Disputes’

Heirship Disputes

Heirship disputes arise when the deceased left no will and proceedings must be held to determine the proper heir(s). Below is some information on the topic which you may find helpful; for more answers to frequently asked questions, please click here (FAQ link) to see our FAQs page.

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Guardianship Disputes

Another key element of probate litigation involves guardianship disputes, which arise when a person can no longer make decisions regarding his or her estate. Here we have provided some information which you may find helpful on this issue.  For more information, please click here (link) to see our FAQs page.

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Will and Trust Disputes

Much of probate litigation involves will or trust disputes. We are committed to helping you through any disputes that may have arisen during the course of the administration of your loved one’s will or trust. The details of these disputes can become complicated, so we have compiled here a short section to answer common client questions. For the answers to more frequently asked questions, see our FAQs page here. (link)

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Probate Disputes
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